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Sunday, 18 March 2012


This website has moved. It can now be found at http://www.theapj.com/blog

The symposium on halakha and the philosophy of law (21-28 March) will take place on the new site. The symposium is entitled "Authority, Halacha, and the Official Vigilante," and will center around a discussion of the problems of authority and law in relation to Mishna Sanhedrin 9:6, in particular the rule that zealots may attack the Jewish man who is having sexual relations with a Gentile woman. On March 20th materials will be posted on the new website which will contain some discussion of the issues by the symposium participants Sari Kisilevsky (CUNY), Ken Ehrenberg (SUNY), and Laliv Clenman (Leo Baeck). Of particular relevance will be the following texts: Mishna Sanhedrin 9:6, Babylonian Talmud 81b-82b, and Palestinian Talmud 16:11 27b

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